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Pajama Night

This Wednesday, feel free to wear your pajamas to KIC! Please be appropriate: everything must be covered as it normally is! 😀

No KIC Tonight due to weather

See you next week!

New Post! How Exciting!

This month’s study is all about FRIENDSHIP!

If you are interested in being friends with Jesus, study the Word by committing Proverbs 12:5-6 to memory.

See you on Wednesday!

Bring a new friend and earn a treat!

Don’t forget to look for opportunities to invite someone to church! You get a treat if that person has never been to our church before, and the guest will get a treat also!

New Study, New Verse!

This month’s verse is 1 John 3:16-17! Note that is in FIRST John, not the gospel of John! See you tomorrow night!

No KIC this Wednesday

See you back next year on January 4!

Parade lineup

Our float will be in spot #22, right between the city hall building and the tall monument. You will not be able to drive through the city hall parking lot, instead you will have to park and walk to the float. 

Call me or text me if you have any questions!

Pete 850-382-4628