"Kids In Christ" – Grace Fellowship Church; Atmore, Alabama

Thanks to Mr. Brandon for this EXTREME New Category!  This is the spot to post anything on your mind.  Simply post a comment and let the conversations begin!

Comments on: "Post Any Random Comments Here!" (2,378)

  1. # Third comment of 2017!!!

  2. Hey… I had the kic email password saved… but our computer got wiped. Could you send it to me again Mr. Pete? rcwhite2002@gmail.com 🙂

  3. # Fifth comment of 2017!!!

  4. # Sixth comment of 2017!!!

  5. Mr. Pete!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to tell the new kids to get on the kic website.

  6. # Fr, nobody gets on here anymore.

  7. El Jardinero said:


  8. El Jardinero said:

    I miss the good ol days

  9. El Jardinero said:

    Mr. Pete. You should approve my comment!

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